Offering a comprehensive

range of fully serviceable, durable driver seats

Continuing to offer products that embrace the following:
* SIMPLICITY - ease of use and maintenance.
* DURABLE AND ROBUST SOLUTIONS - the Chapman range is extremely robust making it ideal for bus applications.
* MAINTAINABILITY - comprehensive range of spares/options available .
* PRICE, QUALITY AND SERVICE - significant savings to customers through low cost of ownership and quality goods delivered on time.

  1. Driver

    Chapman manufacture a range of robust driver seats that can be specified with 3 different seat back heights, with a variety of options and a multitude of different trim materials.

  2. Height Adjuster

    All of our seats can be fitted to our range of height adjusters. From the industry standard SR2, to older units manufactured in the last 30 years.

  3. Trim

    With an experienced team of trimmers and sewing machinists, we are able to offer re-trim and refurbishment of our current and past range of driver seats and in some cases, driver seats from other manufacturers.