The MK128™ Seat Pedestal Range

Chapman manufacture a versatile range of pedestal seat mechanisms suitable for all kinds of installations. Manual or gas lift operated, fixed or swivelling types, flush or through floor fitting - all produced to the same high specification of quality, reliability, and durability.

● Mechanical gear driven height adjustment (114mm)
● Independent vertical, horizontal and swivel adjustments
● Manufactured to full PSV specification
● Full range of spare parts available ensuring long and efficient operational life
Nova Urban Trim D6
Nova Urban Trim D6

Selecting your Pedestal

The table below shows the height options available. Both manual and gas pedestals have a 114.00mm (4.5” approx) adjustment from the minimum height position. This is measured from the floor to the top of the horizontal sliders. A minimum height of 289 or below will require the pedestal to go through the floor of the vehicle. When choosing left or right vertical adjustment remember that it is the left or right as you sit in the seat.

Nova Urban Trim D6

MK128 Height Selector with Part Number

Description / MINIMUM HEIGHT (MM)