SideRiser Height Adjuster

Chapman know that a bus driver seat operates within one of the most harsh environments of any industry with most vehicles having multiple drivers per day running 24/7 all year round. A mechanism operating in this environment will inevitably wear over time and components can fail. So when we set about designing the next generation of seat height adjuster we wanted a unit that would be fail-safe.

Fail-safe design

The unit is designed so that if a component fails it will not cause undue damage. Component failure modes were reviewed and safety design features were added to ensure that if the unit were to fail, it would do so safely.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The positioning of the height adjusting handles was important. They are positioned each side of the seat within easy reach of the driver regardless of the seat position.


Maintaining the mechanism is now easier than ever. Lubrication of all moving parts can be conducted without removing any other part.


To ensure that the mechanism was up to the job, accelerated life testing has been completed at Millbrook Proving facility in Bedfordshire. Accelerated life testing was specified as 190Kg driver, four seat adjustments per day, 20 hours use per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year, for five years. Post testing the seat was subjected to multiple 7.3G vertical pulses with a 30st driver - the seat did not fail.

The SideRiser shares the same fixing-hole centres as current Chapman seats and Height Adjusters for ease of fitment.

Nova Urban Trim 024

NovaUrban trimmed in E-Leather part number for Left Hand 72511

Nova Urban Trim 024

72500 SideRiser

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